Monday, 15 February 2010

Whoop de Whoop! Call Back!

Wahey! So I have finally been granted an interview!

The question is, what do I wear? Now I know I did a feature on this not too long ago, but having actually got an interview lined up, I checked out some sites on appropriate attire - turns out my lovely bright mint dress and pink coat combo would probably create a very bad impression at anything other than a fashion magazine. Quite possibly not work too well there either. Doh.

The word on the scene is conservative. Black/grey/navy suit, plain white shirt, shined matching shoes...ideally ditch the handbag altogether! Horrific as this statement of interview attire is, what is worse is that it has thrown me into a veritable tizzy.

My only plain, sensible shoes are some old black courts, scuffed on the front. My blazer jacket, while black, is also pinstriped and therefore not matching to either my black skirt or my black trousers. White shirts? What do you wear under a white shirt so that you are not indecently showing off your bra? Questions, questions.

I have come to the conclusion that an emergency run on the shops will have to be made. New shoes are definately in order, thats a given. But do I just cave to the pre-interview jitters and buy a whole new look to obey the stringent rules of interview dressing? Afterall, the whole point is to gain money...does one spend money for the potential to make more?

What is more, my hair! It has not been properly cut since before I went on my gap trip round NZ and Oz...I returned three weeks ago, but does my hair need to metamorphose from its scruffy traveller look to a more upmarket do? Geesh! Who knew that merely being granted an interview would be so stressful! This is before even having to go through with it!

(You may be interested to know that for men, a tie must be worn, it must be silk, 3 1/4 inches at the widest point, with a modest pattern and, ideally, in red or burgandy. How exacting! How do they not end up with a queue of matching man-clones standing in the corridor?)

Any ideas? Anyone? Please?!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Look polished, refined, tidy. Keep colors to a minimum, grey, navy, black and crisp white shirt UNDER that blazer isn't going to show anything but sincerity. You can show flair in handbag, but it should reflect your serious side not frivilous nature. How about a simple up-hair do? Pulled back sleek pony tail or something. Best of luck to you!

Emily said...

Thank-you for the advice! :)

Moi said...

Good luck with the interview! Just found your blog via the IFB group, and am following now! mine is if you want to check it out - Cheer!s - H

Emily said...

Thanks for the good luck! Its in 2 hours time, eek!
I checked your blog out - loving the variety of shoes and chairs and shiny things...distractible, me? Noooo!


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