Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sargeant Pepper

Whoa, it has been awhile! Terrible excuses could be made here, involving work and weather and generalising, but instead...I have given the blog a quick makeover and re-launched with a nice new post.

So, last night in a pre-anniversary unwinding moment, my boyfriend and I booked tickets to go and see a Beatles tribute act perform Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band at a local theatre.

The group were great, they got everyone on their feet, swaying and dancing and clapping and singing as they jived about in their bright costumes.

I wore a Chinese embroidered silk bed jacket with phoenix and dragons all over it, belted in at the waist and over black skinnies with slouch boots. Since my last post, I have had a drastic hair longer blonde am I! Now, I have a sort of nutmeg/chestnut colour and a fringe no less!

Above, then, is my little tribute to the Beatles...and their tribute act, for giving us such a good time last night!

Hope everyone is well and having a great run up to the joyous/dreaded (which category do you fall in? I am definately in with the 'joyous') winter celebrations awaiting us in December.


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