Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stolen Girlfriends Club

I have a serious thing for jewellery, as a little bit on the on the wait - its a full blown affair!

I have designs on collecting the stuff and make a note of a designer that catches my fancy so as to purchase whenever I am in high funds. Right now, I have just discovered Stolen Girlfriends Club and I am in love with the stuff.

I want that Double Bow Ring so badly. The shine, the curves, the aesthetic...I adore it. The Stolen and ROse pendant is gorgeous too, I could quite happily accept it for Christmas...

Alas, it is not to be. No monies at all this year, my bf and I are going to hit up the two-dollar store to get some naff  little playthings for Christmas morning. Then we are going to do the Boxing Day sales and hopefully can get some essentials for Oz at bargain prices! I need a new bikini after the last one got destroyed in the hot pools in Miranda. Ah, its a hard life.

But one day. One day I shall own that ring.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I have a confession to make.

Ever since I entered the beautiful, boudoir-like curtained changing rooms and all store of peteralexander in Queenstown, I have loved and adored this brand. I have also, possibly, gone on about it a little excessively to my poor boyfriend.

My obsession has centered around the wavy ship print shorts, the day dresses (all of them) and, last but not least, the playsuit collection.

The models are all fresh-faced beauties, styled up in a playful forties style that contrasts with the sheer cosy comfort levels of the pajamas on offer. I want to wear red lipstick when lounging about in my oh-so-cool short set.

Not that I plan to lounge in these beauties. I am not leaving the Southern Hemisphere without owning something from this shop. The playsuits above would work for everyday wear, and I fully plan to use them for that purpose!

Anyways, go to peteralexander and take a look at all the brilliantly comfy, yet seriously cool, printed pjs and accessories.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Just Jeans

Riiight. Today, it has rained. Not mere rain actually. I should specify. It has thundered, poured and blown a gale. I should also mention that I am currently living in a tent.

As such, I felt more like an outfit thats suitable for winter as opposed to the non-existent summer flooding the field I'm pitched in.

The above is from Just Jeans, a funky River Island type store I discovered on the high street. The sequinned vest would add some much needed warmth and look cool layered up with the guy's white shirt. The distressed and ripped up Levi's just appeal to me, the hat might keep some of the rain off...might being the operative word. The leather bag would hold all my stuff ( I have a lot of stuff I cart about with me) and act as a waterproof hold-all.

I'd wear with some bright wellies (or gumboots as they call them in NZ!) I have some at home that are plastered with scarlet strawberries. Obviously, I'd add a coat too, probably a waterproff trench with the collar turned up!

Sunday, 29 November 2009


Today has been bakingly hot, the sun reflecting of the concrete pavements with such fierce intensity that it somehow doubled the heat. Thus, what I really wanted to be wearing was a bikini, in a cool pool, in the shade somewhere.
As it was I wore a big, white man-style dress shirt, thats been revamped to girlie it up a bit with mother-of-pearl buttons and some strategic pin tucking. I paired it with some knee length black leggings to keep it decent and my boyfriends giant, chunky black studded watch. Very rock 'n' roll!
Anyways, if I was working a look in the city on a day like today, I'd want something smart, but that helps me keep my cool. I browsed Max and styled this outfit up.

 I would wear the top tucked into the shorts, the cuff high on my forearm. The model's hairstyle is perfect, scraped up high off the neck to keep from getting too hot. Add sunscreen = perfect workwear! As it is a Sunday though, I reckon this outfit would work well for a snazzy BBQ too - the colour of the top is showstopping!
 As I like to think in terms of amount of wear I could get out of it, this outfit with some chunky opaque tights and streamlined leather boots with a good heel (not a stiletto, that would be too much!). I reckon maybe a cosy waterfall fronted knit for lazy days or a fitted black leather waistcoat for going out and maybe more gold jewellery instead of bronze...

Friday, 27 November 2009


Check out Cue, an awesome store which has me gawking at the window displays everytime I pass the shop on Queen St in Auckland.

Their whole thing seems to be about luxury and beauty - ruffled silks and sumptious sequins, combined with seriously on trend funky items. I am loving the lacy bodysuit and the tulip skirts.

Oh, if I had money right now! So perfect for the Christmas party season!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Well, I'll try and keep updates going now that I am no longer living out of a car on a roadtrip!
I have to say, from the browsing of NZ Fashion that I have so far indulged in...hmm. They don't do budget here. They do high end designer and not much else.
However, I'll get some outfits together from various different NZ and Oz sites as and when I can (money-flow issues means its unlikely I can purchase any new stuff for a bit!)
The above outfit is contrived from dotti one of the stores I've visited. Its perfect for the warm New Zealand Summer that is just beginning here. I'd wear the top layered under the dress, with the cute feather headband over beachy waves.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cardigan - Primark, Dress - Australian Boutique, Jeans - Primark, Pearls - Present

Today was gorgeous and sunny in Auckland, so we went traversing the city and visited the museum and gallery, as well as hanging out on the lush green slopes of the park...I had chilled pomegranate tea and apricot muffins...

Friday, 25 September 2009


Eco biker boots, tights, top - Topshop, dress - Primark, cardigan - Primark, belt - vinatge find

First day in Auckland, its raining...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Last Thought Autumn

So, as I am skipping out on Autumn this year I decided to do a quick zoom through ASOS and put together an Autumn outfit to make up for the slightly yearning feeling towards knitwear.

I'd wear the above on one of those gorgeously brisk, chilly days, layering the shirt over the dress and slouching around town in those deliciously comfy looking boot-things.

Conjuring images of hot chocolate as I type...


Right. I have packed. Finally. My capsule wardrobe consists of:

1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
2 skirts
1 playsuit
3 dresses
1 shirt
4 tops
3 cardigans/jumpers

1 pair red patent heels
1 pair biker boots
2 pairs leather sandals
1 pair checked converse

Assorted random scarves/hats/jewellery/belts.

I've gone for blues and greys in order to maximise combinations. This wardrobe has to last at least 6 months, more likely a year+ especially considering the longer I'm away the less cash will be freeflowing for shopping trips...

I reckon there are many, many possibilities inherant within that capsule. Here we go!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The fantastically bagainous bag from Spitalfields

Petticoats hang from the ceiling of beyond retro

I have been travelling about the last five days to see my friends before I go to NZ and have a catch-up and say 'see you laters'. (No goodbyes, too sad).

Anyway, on Thursday, I was in East London and explored Spitalfields Antiques Market, which has instantly made me want to set up home so as to get decorating already! It was a lovely market, with so much random stuff availible!

The amazing green leather bag (above) is proper tough leather, silvered hardware and with a lockable shoe compartment underneath! It was so perfect for my friend Lou, that I persuaded her to ask its price...I was thinking it would be worth getting at £100 or so but the stall owner offered it to us for £20! Bargain!

Also popped into Beyond Retro, which I loved. I am lusting after an inky blue jersey jumpsuit, to be worn with electric blue platforms and my new shorter hair. Or, I'd quite happily have one of the big, boufy multicoloured petticoats that hang from the ceiling!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


So, what do you know, I went with the fringe. Pictures as soon as I have time to dedicate to snapping in between the frantic packing for NZ.


Here are my go with everything, super comfy, always on trend and never-fail compliment winning biker boots. Looking a little lived in (okay, more than a little) but loved none-the-less!

Friday, 4 September 2009

To fringe or not to fringe...

My hair resembles nothing so much as blonde candyfloss. Despite being lavished with no less than three different deep conditioners, no hairdryers, no heat styling, the regular quotient of drinking water and healthy eating habits, it is just not cooperating.

Hence, the decision I now have to make. How short, and should I get a fringe cut in? This may take me back to my oh-so-fashionable primary school days. Not a look I necessarily wish to revisit.

My hair was all of three inches from my navel when I couldn't take the knots anymore, caved and had about 10 inches lopped off. Now, I am thinking either collarbone, or on-the-shoulder length. The pics above are going to be waved about in front of the hairdresser in the hopes of inspiring her to achieve something vaguely similar...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


New varnish colours. So pretty :) I set out to get the inky navy colour and while there, was seduced by cheapness and shiny colours. Hence, the extra three bottles.

The three on the left - awesome, not metallic like so many of the varnishes out there at the moment. I like the vinyl look.

The metallic orange though, looks like a goldfish, so it gets a pass into my non-metallic collection :)

Monday, 31 August 2009


I cannot stop thinking about Autumn. I have been indulging my love of the glossy fashion rags and immersing myself in the new season fashion and yet, there is a small issue with this new-found obsession.

Quite simply, I'm not having an Autumn/Winter this year. In 20 days, I depart the Northern hemisphere. Destination: New Zealand.

It is so weird to me that my summer is winding down into...Spring, of all things, and then on into Summer again! Add to that, the trip is a 6 month long one, so when I return to the UK it will be Spring again!

I am putting together a capsule wardrobe to fit into the ridiculously tiny suitcase I have to serve as my wardrobe for the next 6 months. Updates later! :)

Meanwhile, I have had a lovely weekend, picnicing with friends I haven't seen in a while in the glorious sunshine. I also cleared out a whole car full of old clothes and accessories and carted the lot off to a car boot sale! I haven't done that before and it was crazy how many people turn up for it! Made a healthy sum, to my delight...which I have now spent on beautiful new underwear for my trip.

A girls gotta have it and all that...

Friday, 28 August 2009

Like a Lady...

Beret, Accessorize, Top and Shoes, New Look, Pencil skirt, *Thrifted*, Gloves, *Found in the Attic*

Black velvet print blazer, TKMaxx, Blue and Black Check dress, Warehouse, Belt, *found in the Attic*, Black Ankle Boots, Stolen from my Mum!

Black silk Pussybow top, H&M, Blue and Black Check dress, Warehouse, Belt, *found in the Attic*, Black Ankle Boots, Stolen from my Mum!

Body-con dress, H&M, Red shoes, New Look, Jewellery, *Given as presents*

Today, I decided to play with my new camera, get to know it a little. Of course, that meant I also got to play with styling some outfits which was awesome. :) I was having lots of fun prancing about getting everything *just so*.

I love, love, love the black velvet blazer with red and pink roses printed on it. I have a serious weakness for that pattern. I want to upholster a proper, chunky oak chair in it...

Red patent shoes are my favourite go-to shoe. Every occasion deserves a shiny red shoe!

Getting ready for a car boot sale on Sunday - have been accumulating piles of junk for sale, here is hoping someone else will show up wanting to buy.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


September always brings about that feeling of starting something new for me. It makes me yearn for new stationery. The back-to-school urges grew from new pens and pencil cases to new clothes, shoes and bags for the new semester at uni, and now I've graduated...well, the need to have new is still there.

This is my ideal 'First day back' outfit for my dream job as fashion photographer and shoot stylist. I'm not usually a Topshop officionado, but here I went on an imaginary spree. Imaginary, because I have yet to clinch that dream job of mine, and am setting off on a Gap Year to pursue and track it down. So funds are low and fantasy is flying high!

I am loving that butterfy top, even though I tsked at the return of the bodysuit. The sparkly ring has all the colours in it and brings the whole look together. So pretty!


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