Monday, 31 August 2009


I cannot stop thinking about Autumn. I have been indulging my love of the glossy fashion rags and immersing myself in the new season fashion and yet, there is a small issue with this new-found obsession.

Quite simply, I'm not having an Autumn/Winter this year. In 20 days, I depart the Northern hemisphere. Destination: New Zealand.

It is so weird to me that my summer is winding down into...Spring, of all things, and then on into Summer again! Add to that, the trip is a 6 month long one, so when I return to the UK it will be Spring again!

I am putting together a capsule wardrobe to fit into the ridiculously tiny suitcase I have to serve as my wardrobe for the next 6 months. Updates later! :)

Meanwhile, I have had a lovely weekend, picnicing with friends I haven't seen in a while in the glorious sunshine. I also cleared out a whole car full of old clothes and accessories and carted the lot off to a car boot sale! I haven't done that before and it was crazy how many people turn up for it! Made a healthy sum, to my delight...which I have now spent on beautiful new underwear for my trip.

A girls gotta have it and all that...

Friday, 28 August 2009

Like a Lady...

Beret, Accessorize, Top and Shoes, New Look, Pencil skirt, *Thrifted*, Gloves, *Found in the Attic*

Black velvet print blazer, TKMaxx, Blue and Black Check dress, Warehouse, Belt, *found in the Attic*, Black Ankle Boots, Stolen from my Mum!

Black silk Pussybow top, H&M, Blue and Black Check dress, Warehouse, Belt, *found in the Attic*, Black Ankle Boots, Stolen from my Mum!

Body-con dress, H&M, Red shoes, New Look, Jewellery, *Given as presents*

Today, I decided to play with my new camera, get to know it a little. Of course, that meant I also got to play with styling some outfits which was awesome. :) I was having lots of fun prancing about getting everything *just so*.

I love, love, love the black velvet blazer with red and pink roses printed on it. I have a serious weakness for that pattern. I want to upholster a proper, chunky oak chair in it...

Red patent shoes are my favourite go-to shoe. Every occasion deserves a shiny red shoe!

Getting ready for a car boot sale on Sunday - have been accumulating piles of junk for sale, here is hoping someone else will show up wanting to buy.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


September always brings about that feeling of starting something new for me. It makes me yearn for new stationery. The back-to-school urges grew from new pens and pencil cases to new clothes, shoes and bags for the new semester at uni, and now I've graduated...well, the need to have new is still there.

This is my ideal 'First day back' outfit for my dream job as fashion photographer and shoot stylist. I'm not usually a Topshop officionado, but here I went on an imaginary spree. Imaginary, because I have yet to clinch that dream job of mine, and am setting off on a Gap Year to pursue and track it down. So funds are low and fantasy is flying high!

I am loving that butterfy top, even though I tsked at the return of the bodysuit. The sparkly ring has all the colours in it and brings the whole look together. So pretty!


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