Monday, 1 February 2010

Everything I Want in One Picture

So, one of the side-effects of being officially unemployed and having no more money to my name than that that buys me some pasta sauce on half price from Tesco for dinner, is the desire to be buying things.

It is unfair - at no other time than when I cannot buy stuff am I so pulled together and stylish, and yet unable to actually be pulled together and stylishdue to the inability to be buying the stuff. Grr.

Thus, I indulge my need with a quick scan of the sites...this look below is a random one, occurring quite by chance, in that I picked all my favourite things around at that precise moment and put them together and it kinda, actually worked. Now I want this outfit.


The shorts and necklace are Miss Selfridge, the boots, body and tights Topshop. I am seriously jonesing for something with braces right now, I'll even settle for just a pair of braces to attach to stuff I already own! Coloured, maybe some printed - they would be awesome!

For some reason I just love the whole streamlined, non-over-the-top sexiness of a body (even if they are seriously impractical...although the New Look ones have poppers!) and I am attempting to channel some Parisienne chic this season with greys and powder pinks and navies.

The tights and necklace add a splash of cute and quirky that I'm finding irresistable at the moment for some reason. Not my usual style, but hey, it is definately having a moment with me. 

As for the boots - what is not to love? Desperately trying to find someone who has money and loves me enough to by them for me for my birthday...unlikely, as everyone I know is broke too. Hmm, beg, borrow...steal?

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