Saturday, 6 February 2010

Catwalk Clone Dress

So, I was checking around some sites for dresses (its my birthday party tonight and despite already owning the dress I want to wear, it never hurts to look...) and I found a dress on which is a dead ringer for this Luella frock (


Well, you can see how it was styled on the catwalk, but with its obvious Vday featurette, I figured I would give it a go - its a definately noticeable dress, but how versatile is it?

So first off I gave it my spin on the fifties rockabilly look, just for funsies.

So thats the dress (it is like deja vu, I swear), paired with these absolutely mental Polka Dot Platforms for some real height and to make that skirt swing! Geesh, those things would give anyone legs like a giraffe...if you can still walk in them, props to you.
Then, some shiny shiny black agate Lola Rose Earrings to peep out from a less fifties, more 2010 tousled 'do, and finally (because it is still freezing outside) an awesome studded Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket to top off the whole thing and give it a bit of attitude - attitude that would need to be backed up, because as already mentioned, there is going to be no running happening in those shoes!

The second look is more Spring than Autumn. It focuses on the trend for pastels which, weirdly, I have fallen for, hook, line and sinker. Usually I only like brights, but hey.

I am loving this look. Okay, I'd wear the Miss Selfridge Parka open over the dress, as a pop of colour and to show off the French Connection Floral Belt detail - texture and the satiny sheen will pick up the flowers nicely against the dress. The ASOS Boots tie the look together as chic rather than scrubby, as does the Net Bow Clip which, if worn at a rakish angle adds a little bit of British to what is a more Parisienne colour-scheme.

I guess it is quite versatile after all - there were loads of looks I could have gone for, but I restrained myself :p


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I like the fact that you actually questioned the dress' versatility, and then found it to be quite versatile. i think what helps is the color: it's a LBD, a little black dress which seems to always be able to turn into a million perfect outfits. you did some great accessories for the piece, those polka platforms are a wow, but one thing i'd love to see under the dress would be a little red & white striped sailor top, making it casual and classic yet quirky.


Emily said...

Thank you!!

I love that idea, of the top layered underneath - that would rock the dress and really make a feature of the heart cut-out. Good thinking :)

You should check out the Bordello shoe range - all polka and crazy heights!

Kionon said...

Would it be possible to put like a red turtleneck under it? Make the heart stand out and be able to wear it in warmer weather? With a read bow in your hair, and maybe some nice red patent leather pumps? I'm seeing this in my head, and I think it would work...

Emily said...

That would work, it would look very cute - some serious colour coordination always works for me! Although it can be tricky to match shades. Cool idea :)


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