Sunday, 29 November 2009


Today has been bakingly hot, the sun reflecting of the concrete pavements with such fierce intensity that it somehow doubled the heat. Thus, what I really wanted to be wearing was a bikini, in a cool pool, in the shade somewhere.
As it was I wore a big, white man-style dress shirt, thats been revamped to girlie it up a bit with mother-of-pearl buttons and some strategic pin tucking. I paired it with some knee length black leggings to keep it decent and my boyfriends giant, chunky black studded watch. Very rock 'n' roll!
Anyways, if I was working a look in the city on a day like today, I'd want something smart, but that helps me keep my cool. I browsed Max and styled this outfit up.

 I would wear the top tucked into the shorts, the cuff high on my forearm. The model's hairstyle is perfect, scraped up high off the neck to keep from getting too hot. Add sunscreen = perfect workwear! As it is a Sunday though, I reckon this outfit would work well for a snazzy BBQ too - the colour of the top is showstopping!
 As I like to think in terms of amount of wear I could get out of it, this outfit with some chunky opaque tights and streamlined leather boots with a good heel (not a stiletto, that would be too much!). I reckon maybe a cosy waterfall fronted knit for lazy days or a fitted black leather waistcoat for going out and maybe more gold jewellery instead of bronze...

Friday, 27 November 2009


Check out Cue, an awesome store which has me gawking at the window displays everytime I pass the shop on Queen St in Auckland.

Their whole thing seems to be about luxury and beauty - ruffled silks and sumptious sequins, combined with seriously on trend funky items. I am loving the lacy bodysuit and the tulip skirts.

Oh, if I had money right now! So perfect for the Christmas party season!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Well, I'll try and keep updates going now that I am no longer living out of a car on a roadtrip!
I have to say, from the browsing of NZ Fashion that I have so far indulged in...hmm. They don't do budget here. They do high end designer and not much else.
However, I'll get some outfits together from various different NZ and Oz sites as and when I can (money-flow issues means its unlikely I can purchase any new stuff for a bit!)
The above outfit is contrived from dotti one of the stores I've visited. Its perfect for the warm New Zealand Summer that is just beginning here. I'd wear the top layered under the dress, with the cute feather headband over beachy waves.


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