Monday, 13 December 2010

A Moment of Insanity

Okay, I am actually teetering on the edge on crazy right now. I have no idea why this work thing has me in such a tizzy, but the fact of the matter is I am being so indecisive it is becoming embarrassing.

Its not lack of clothes (although I have noticed a shoe deficiency), but inability to choose between two outfits I love! What a bizarre issue!

Okay, it is between a black bandage dress (short) with a oversize sheer black shirt layered over the top, pulled in at the waist with a mulberry-colour belt with gold buckle, black tights and ankle boots and a beaten copper necklace.
A navy shift dress with a boat neck, cap sleeves, very fitted, with black tights and ankle boots and a large black silk collar necklace encrusted (and I mean encrusted) with diamante.

So yes, I am having mental issues over dresses. I should obviously research some sort of support group...

On the bright side I have nails that look like they have been dipped in a vat of miniature rubies thanks to my Barry M red glitter nail varnish.
In looking for pictures that would appropriately show my nails (my camera is out of power) I found this blog, You've Got Nail which demonstrates it perfectly!

Hmm, I just remembered, I have a red dress that I could wear...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Purple Wave

I'm off out in a minute for a completely bizarre half-organised, half-off-the-bat last minute night it stands, I have no idea what we'll be doing, so have dressed in jeans (black, straight) and am umming and arring over heels or flats. To up the ante and sate my need for sparkle, I have insanely glittery eyeliner, a jewelled headband and a lovely drapey sparkly silver mesh top on - jumpers come after!

I was however composing an outfit based on a silver pleated midi skirt. I wasn't keen on the midi trend when it picked up, but it surprisingly, is a trend that can work for any occasion, be it work, play or otherwise.

Purple by pamjalibri featuring platform shoes

I went with the metallic skirt (obviously, this is me we're talking about) but dressed it down for one of my favourite occupations...sitting in random coffee shops with a chai and people watching. You could easily remove the cardigan and add heels for a more glitzy night out look though, or indeed grab a clutch and some beautiful earrings. Or swathe the cardigan in a wraparound stylee and add a brooch and some chunky wedges. Many different ideas! I should really get going! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Scarlet and Silver

Ahhh! I am having massive issues with my company's flimsy Christmas work party dress code! It doesn't make sense! Here is one of the outfits I've mocked up for possible wearing...

So, its lunch out at a swanky restaurant, followed by a pub. There is walking in severe frost involved. I will be abandoning the work party at some point in the evening to attend a panto. I reiterate how FREEZING it is likely to be...
I have been told to do 'Smart-Casual', like going to work but sparky for a party...thing is, I work with kids. Doing sports. In a tracksuit! I am not donning a diamante encrusted pair of tracksuit trousers. I say donning, I mean buying. Assuming then, the meaning is to take into account suitable office wear, but better. Nothing too short or skimpy e.g. still remaining conservative.

Thus, the two other outfits I have assembled to meet requirements. I am loving the jumper dress combo, although the jumper dress I actually own lacks the bronze embellishment, although I could add that on reasonably easily. The shift dress sounds the best in theory, but I tried it on and it just feels a bit...OTT? Maybe because I spend the vast majority of my time at work in a t-shirt?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Sequin Love Affair

At the moment, I'm going through a vaguely traumatic time...a slight crisis of confidence, a questionable choice of whether to continue my job or start my own, many other little things. Anyway, I have always loved Christmas and right now, in the run-up to this most glorious of feasting holidays I am taking extreme measures of solace from having already done my present shopping, wrapping, menu organising and travel preparatons. Yes, its early, but the joy of doing these things is working a charm as procrastination.
Part of the neccessary preparations I haven't done yet, I am trying to hold off! It involves packing for the different travels involved around Christmas-time as well as outfit planning for up coming outings. I am going to try something new this season - buying nothing, and instead concentrating on all the amazing things my wardrobe already holds. We'll see how long that reoslution lasts for, but in the meantime I admit to having been scouring the vintage and charity shops for a glimmering, sparkly dress - I heart sequins!

Its a bit of a magpie addiction, but I cannot stop and I practically drool at any sequin-covered thing that comes into my line of sight. This dress below, from Paprika, is one in particular that caught my eye and I spent a pleasurable few minutes this morning styling it up.


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