Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stolen Girlfriends Club

I have a serious thing for jewellery, as a little bit on the on the wait - its a full blown affair!

I have designs on collecting the stuff and make a note of a designer that catches my fancy so as to purchase whenever I am in high funds. Right now, I have just discovered Stolen Girlfriends Club and I am in love with the stuff.

I want that Double Bow Ring so badly. The shine, the curves, the aesthetic...I adore it. The Stolen and ROse pendant is gorgeous too, I could quite happily accept it for Christmas...

Alas, it is not to be. No monies at all this year, my bf and I are going to hit up the two-dollar store to get some naff  little playthings for Christmas morning. Then we are going to do the Boxing Day sales and hopefully can get some essentials for Oz at bargain prices! I need a new bikini after the last one got destroyed in the hot pools in Miranda. Ah, its a hard life.

But one day. One day I shall own that ring.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I have a confession to make.

Ever since I entered the beautiful, boudoir-like curtained changing rooms and all store of peteralexander in Queenstown, I have loved and adored this brand. I have also, possibly, gone on about it a little excessively to my poor boyfriend.

My obsession has centered around the wavy ship print shorts, the day dresses (all of them) and, last but not least, the playsuit collection.

The models are all fresh-faced beauties, styled up in a playful forties style that contrasts with the sheer cosy comfort levels of the pajamas on offer. I want to wear red lipstick when lounging about in my oh-so-cool short set.

Not that I plan to lounge in these beauties. I am not leaving the Southern Hemisphere without owning something from this shop. The playsuits above would work for everyday wear, and I fully plan to use them for that purpose!

Anyways, go to peteralexander and take a look at all the brilliantly comfy, yet seriously cool, printed pjs and accessories.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Just Jeans

Riiight. Today, it has rained. Not mere rain actually. I should specify. It has thundered, poured and blown a gale. I should also mention that I am currently living in a tent.

As such, I felt more like an outfit thats suitable for winter as opposed to the non-existent summer flooding the field I'm pitched in.

The above is from Just Jeans, a funky River Island type store I discovered on the high street. The sequinned vest would add some much needed warmth and look cool layered up with the guy's white shirt. The distressed and ripped up Levi's just appeal to me, the hat might keep some of the rain off...might being the operative word. The leather bag would hold all my stuff ( I have a lot of stuff I cart about with me) and act as a waterproof hold-all.

I'd wear with some bright wellies (or gumboots as they call them in NZ!) I have some at home that are plastered with scarlet strawberries. Obviously, I'd add a coat too, probably a waterproff trench with the collar turned up!


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