Monday, 8 February 2010

Raining, and I Want to be in a Coffee Shop

So, today it is in that weird state of grey, colourless void outside. It can't decide whether to rain or snow. I'm lazing about inside, applying to various jobs I find online, knowing that later I have to go out and do the grocery shopping, or else I will starve. Joy.

To soothe my fractured spirits, I have done a brief bout of outfit shopping...Here's my lazy look for the day.

Sooo, the Warehouse Playsuit looks divinely comfy - I adore playsuits and since they have come into fashion they are way more affordable than they used to be! In more designs too, which is always a good thing. The silkiness should go some way towards keeping me warm too!
I'd layer the Cheap Monday Tee with its groovy diamond print underneath, and pin the whimsical little polka-dot teapot Dollydagger Brooch onto one of the straps of the playsuit. Then I'd team the whole ensemble with these button detail Topshop Socks (probably layered over nude tights so I don't freeze) and these bright and cheerful Yellow Converse.

I found on the converse site that you can design your own! There is my newfound love!

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