Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Distraction Techniques

Okay. In order to keep my brain in a state of calm, having done all the prep in advance and now having two hours before I have to leave for my interview in which to, potentially, run about the house whimpering, I have done a blog post.

So, having decided previously that I needed new shoes in oreder to look presentable, I popped into New Look yesterday, knowing that they would have something that would look the part, feel relatively comfy and also not necessitate that I buy no food for the next week.

So I tried all these on...


I realise its quite a few, but one can never be too careful when purchasing shoes...
Anyways, I went with the ones on the top right in the end, as they are business-like without being too 'fashion' and the strap means they won't suddenly fall off and make me fall over as I step up to shake hands.

Those grey ones are gorgeous, very 30s and the small heeled black ones with the studded bow are seriously comfy, but a bit too cutesy for the situation.

I don't usually like pointed toes on my shoes, but the lace-up ones in the bottom left were actually pretty funky, especially paired as they were with my bright purple tights! (Not the tights I will be wearing to the interview, you may be pleased to hear!)

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