Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dreaming of Working..?

What with my slight obsession with securing a job to earn me the monies over the last week or so, I have been trawling the net and the ad rags ceaselessly looking for suitable vacancies and applying.

Now interviews are on my mind, and what with the bleak greyness outside, I think my interview-wear fantasy took a definate turn for the colourful. Well, I know it did, because I have visual evidence.


The majority is from Dorothy Perkins, my go-to place for instant work-oriented pieces and the brooch is a smoky blue glass heart from prizmatic. 

The lovely grey shoes work nicely for a day sitting in interviewing style and come in blue and cream as well. (I want all three colourways. Now. I am sure they would boost my credibility).

The cuff says 'elegant', and picks up the button detailing on the fitted dress, in a gorgeously eye-catching mint (very Spring!). With the pink coat worn open over the top, I have no doubt I would leave an impression in the interviewers mind...and thats before I say anything, too!

1 comment:

Eye said...

Great shoes!!!
So here I am now at your followers :)
I love sarees too. I have bought myself one and a lot of indian lehengas. I don´t know when to wear them yet, but I´ll find a possibility.
Wish you a nice day!!!


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