Monday, 31 May 2010


The 1920s are known for their androgynous style, hedonistic lifestyle and notorious underground scenes of illegal alcohol and heavy jazz at the Big Easy. For stars on the rise and new age designers like Coco Chanel.
The style that accompanied such smoke-filled rooms and hazy garden parties was luxe and relaxed. It pioneered comfort over the previous restrictions of corsets.
It celebrated dance, freedom of movement and liberation. It is as wearable today as it was back then, 100 years ago -  the era that was to become known as the 'Roaring Twenties'.

I have tried to re-interpret the 20s into a wearable, modern-day look for both day and night.20sFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

For the daytime version, I've used a tongue-in-cheek pair of mustache print socks and soft grey leather brogues, as well as a boxy briefcase to  keep the practical and masculine edge to the pretty faux-drop waist dress. I have then updated the decade's famous string of pearls into a collar of disarrayed, multicoloured pearls and topped the whole off with a demure grey cloche hat.

The evening look features a sumptiously decadent teal silk dress with fringing to show off every sinuous movement. Elegant two-tone heels, golden tassel earrings and a pearl encrusted clutch keep vibes of the 20s alive. Finally, what 20s gal would be seen out and about on the town sans red lipstick and a spritz of No. 5?

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Whatever Works

I am loving the casual look right now. It probably has something to do with how I have yet to get used to where all my clothes/accessories/jewellery/etc have been stashed in my new place, so getting dressed for anything other than work tends to be a slap-dash affair of whatever comes to hand fast enough.

On good days, this is how the 'grab whatever' style works out:

On the not-so-good days? One could risk looking a touch demented with patterns, clashing colours and wildly inappropriate shoes. Of course, in some circles that could be classed eccentric.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

It's ALIVE...A.L.I.V.E!!!

Geesh. Seven Weeks. 7!!! Of internet-free living. Talk about going cold-turkey. I find it weird just how dependant I am on the internet for everything. In this world, without being able to access information instantly really disables you and makes you get back to basics.

So. I am back! Yippee!

Going back to the whole 'Technology-free' living thing. I had just moved house, hence the whole waiting around for the internet to be installed. I also, for 5 weeks of that time, had no access to a TV. This didn't particularly bother me, as I'm not that much of a TV fan anyway, but it did mean I was suddenly very cut off from the world - no net, no tv - we didn't even have a radio! It was odd, like living in a bubble where nothing else is occurring.

I guess some of you may be wondering why I didn't just get a newspaper if I felt that distanced from reality. But 1) I quite liked it, for a while. It was refreshing, it cleared my head. 2) I took up a second job and now work from before the majority of shops are open until they are all most definately closed.

Anyway, I'm back in the game and I cannot wait to get back to blogging!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Super Fast Catch-up Time

Oh My Gosh. Sorry for the long delay in posting...and for the no doubt continued hiatus for another week or so while I valiantly negotiate internet rates with providers and attempt to convince them that they should install the net in my flat ASAP.

Well, quick catch up as to what has been happening!

I and my bf moved to the hotel and I worked for the week...while he searched high and low for flats. Amazingly, by Friday, we had found the flat we loved and signed our contract, but down deposits and gained ourselves a set of keys.

To add to the craziness, we popped back to grab our stuff over the weekend, then repeated the working week in our lovely (but completely empty, devoid of furniture and accoutrements) flat.

Then we popped back at the weekend to collect the rest of our stuff.

This last week, Alex was offered a job right here on our proverbial doorstop and I interviewed for and secured my second job, for when the contract on my temp job here runs out in a few weeks.

Dear me, but things have been hectic!!! So now, hopefully, we will soon have the internet on a regular basis.

Here are some pretty cupcakes we munched on:


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