Sunday, 28 March 2010

One Dress: Two Ways

As the sun is gradually peaking through the clouds and warming up the earth again, so too is it the time of year when dressing becomes hardest as you segue between warmish days and freezing winds or drizzle. Not to mention all the sudden freak out from the magazines about dressing for weddings...I realise its the season and all, but not everyone has a slew of marriages to attend during the summer!

However, not many people want to be splashing out on an outfit that can only been worn once these days, so garments that prove themselves versatile enough to be worn in a number of different ways are worth their weight in sartorial gold.

I really like the print on this little prom dress, possible due to my obsession with the colours red and blue, but I think it works as a summer day dress as well as a more formal dress for numerous occasions.

For day, I paired it with a clashing print on the tribly, some dog tags and classic biker jacket and boots. It could be a good look for a festival, comfy for shopping or meeting friends.

For formal wear occasions like a wedding, garden party or bar hopping I put the dress with some blue satin courts, a cosy cardigan to wrap up in if it gets chilly, a flirty hairband and a kitsch bracelet of pearls and sparkles.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Finding Feathery Facts!

Okay, so in my last post I speculated as to whether feathers were as bad as fur. Having discovered that they are, I decided to do a little research on alternatives for the animal-friendly, fashion-concious.

I have discovered that you can get faux feathers, which are made of plastic tubing and extruded synthetic thread or fabric. They are however generally expensive, hard to find on fashionable garments and definately nowhere in sight on anything vintage.

I found out that if the only feather you have a penchant for is peacock, you are probably fine and dandy, as peacock feathers are collected by hand annually during the peacock's moulting season. I also delved a little further to discover the peacocks welfare - most are living the life of kings, as they have to be well looked after to guaruntee good feathers and because they are mostly ornamental, free-roaming birds anyway. (Although some are ranched, but you can check for humane care-labels).

Lastly, I decided that the third alternative was to go for a funky print - then you can change colour, shape, style at will - not to mention your outfit will not be ruined by a sudden downpour!

Try these awesome printed tights by Bebaroque:

Or maybe work the maxi trend for summer with a stunning print dress by Temperley:

Last but not least by any means, try this jewel-toned cardigan by AX Paris:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Couturious Experiment

I played about a bit with shiny new thing Couturious today. It is a bit clunky, but it is still in Beta mode. I couldn't work out how to embed my finished City Safari outfit into my blog so you could see it...instead it has given me a link.

radientcolour profile - Couturious

The outfit is ideal, in my mind, for one of those late summer nights when the heat hasn't left the air yet and you can sit outside at a pavement bistro and eat, and talk and watch the world go by. This is possibly one of my favourite scenarios, and while I would usually wear a dress for such an occasion, the idea of shorts appealed to me.

More practical and tailored, they look sleek and streamlined without causing you to get to hot. Also, they are unlikely to blow up around your waist when you walk inside and get in the way of a swirl of air conditioning.

The rest of the outfit kind of just came together around the shorts. A billowy soft top with a classicaly safari-esque print, some beautiful chunky heels and a cosy wrap in case it suddenly gets cold after you have filled yourself with ice cream.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Philosophical Feathers

This is a take on Spring nuetrals combined with philosophical musings and light as air but still undeniably warm feathers, soft to the touch and somehow ethereal.

Are feathers along the same lines as fur? I do not, in any way, shape or form condone the use of real fur. I don't really even like faux fur, unless its a bed throw or something and the cat is sulking so you are reduced to stroking your own throw instead of your pet...maybe thats just me.

Philosophical Feathers
Philosophical Feathers by pamjalibri featuring Oasis 

Its chic casual but glammed up with the necklace and the waistcoat. Obviously, the heels go some way to summerising the look, so for a more practical approach, maybe some groovy looking tan moccasins would keep in comfy and casual, or some brogues for an androgenous appeal?

Shoes can really change an outfit.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Springtime: Ring-a-ding-a-ding Time


I saw this dress in New Look yesterday and love its fitted prom dress shape, the way it flares from the waist - a favourite feature of mine when it comes to dressing myself!

Also, it is a springtime pastel, but not a dappy soft pink as seen in fifty other high street shops, but a cool minty colour which doesn't quite come out on screen...

Springtime by pamjalibri featuring TopShop shoes

I so want to be in the position of being able to invest in proper jewelley 'pieces'. Yearn, yearn.

Awards Season All Round

Wow! Guess what? The lovely The Citizen Rosebud has awarded me the Happy 101 Award, which is my first award as well as being the grooviest (how can anything featuring cupcakes not equal amazing?) Talking of cupcakes actually, I was browsing Matalan the other day and I was happily clacking hangers when my bf pointed out a cupcake print prom dress for the cute!

Anyways, before I get completely off-topic and distracted by the joys of summer dresses, the Happy 101 Award demands that I make a list of ten things that make me here goes:

1. My boyfriend. We both just graduated last year and have since travelled New Zealand and Oz together. He always does lovely things for me and we spend an unfeasible amount of time in each other's company.

2. Cats. The cat in the house I am currently living in has adopted me. She follows me everywhere and meows at me or sits on my constantly. I have spent this morning with her alternately howling, purring and nipping my elbow while trying to stand on my laptop or shoulder for no discernable reason whatsoever.

3. Flowers and gardening. I am currently working on relandscaping a garden and discovered a whole crop of baby bulbs ready for planting out in an abandoned flowerbed under some weeds. Also, Tesco are selling bunches of Daffodils for 50 pence, so my house is currently full of bright yellow flowers to cheer up the dismal early Spring weather.

4. Fabric. I am a tactile person and I love touching fabrics, feeling them. Even if I love the cut or colour of something, I will not buy it unless I adore the fabric. It has to be soft, comfy, warm, beautiful. I can spend hours in a fabric shop before I decide what to buy.

5. The Aztecs. My degree was in Classics and Archaeology and I always had a bizarre fascination with the Aztecs. A jungle culture, with Ages of Man mythology, geometrical architecture and fearsome gods? Not to mention, they discovered chocolate in the first place...

6. Duvets. My mum calls me 'a chilly mortal' because I am always cold. Even in January, when I was in Melbourne in 34 degree heat, my hands were still a tad on the cool side. Thus, I love duvets for their warming power. I keep one by the sofa so I can cosy up when watching films at night.

7. I love chillies. In hot sauce, in chocolate, printed on things, made out of glass and strung onto a, shiny and hot. Yum.

8. Baking! I adore that process of mixing up random ingredients, putting it in the oven and having the aroma waft through the house, then icing the cooled down cakes with pretty buttercream and decorations. I'm pretty into eating them as well of course!

9. Music. There is always music playing and I listen to a whole range of genres. Pretty much anything, to be honest, except maybe opera. I go through phases. I love how music shapes or expresses a mood, an atmosphere.

10. Travelling. I have a whole list of destinations and the moment I have cash again, I'm off! I enjoy new experiences and new places. Next up is Japan, Canada, Indonesia or Italy. How to choose?

Thank-you again Citizen! Go check out her lovely blog full of inspiring people and lovely vintage things, at The Citizen Rosebud

I also need to pass this award along, so I am going to choose some of my favourite bloggers to list their ten happiest things:

Gracie at the The Flip Side of Oz
Sarah K at Fashionized

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Getting Trendy with It

I'm not a big one for following trends. I mean, sure, I see stuff in the shops that I like, I buy it (when there is money) and then I wear it, but it is not a slavish following of fashion.

I continually adapt and change my own style, trying to make a niche for myself...but is it really necessary?

You see people in the street who look so pulled together, you assume that they have cracked the code, they have their go-to style and it works. However, you might just be catching them on a particularly good day. Maybe they pulled the one thing out of their wardrobe that they really loved and styled it up and it just worked for them.

Of course, what works for one person doesn't work for another, so the idea of seasonal trends should be regarded, to my mind anyway, as a dipping pot. You find a few things you like, a few you don't. You incorporate new things into your old favourites. You evolve your style.

Here is a hasty collage of New Season Trends, just thrown together. Some of them I like, some not so much. Some, I'd like to take elements of and then change the colour or the garment shape for me. Others, well...I just plain would not purchase them.

However, its interesting to see regardless, what is out there and ready for playing with.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Guesting Marvellous: New Season Nudes

Whoop whoop! It's pamja libri's first ever guest post and I can't think of a nicer person to collaborate with than The Flip Side of Oz's Gracie!

So, our theme was New Season Nudes - entering into Spring, the dark colours of Winter are being thrown off for pretty pastels and sheer, chic neutrals. Gracie and I both came up with our own take on the look, how do you like them?

Here is Gracie's version:

I am loving that woven clutch - all the textural influences around at the moment have me experiementing with fabric folding on my sewing machine (not so successfully however...) I love Burberry's knotted skirt in shimmering silks, as a prime example. Gracie's look is the epitome of sophisticate, the nudes paired with the black harems to create an edgy look that I reckon would work in pretty much any situation.

My look contrasts the soft nudes with tough pieces and some directional jewels...

Here is mine:
New Season Nude

 That golden brooch would probably attack me (I cut my finger on the studs on my skirt yesterday!) but it ties in the soft tones of the neutrals with the hard edge brought in by the leather trousers and origami jacket. The silken slip looks divinely comfy as well as being something I picture rolling out of bed, throwing on and just striding out looking fabulous in - ah, dreams. 
I always love a good pair of feature gloves and something about those earrings just called out to be included...

So, how did you like our collaborative post? What do you think about the New Season Nudes - are you already styling them or are you avoiding them like the plague?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tumble Out of Bed and Go!

Browsing for potential new hairstyles, I stumbled across these amazing creations. 

I love the photography, the set up of the scene and the tie-in of the clothes, the hair, the environment. It is a fantasy world and shows great skill and creativity which I am hoping to take as inspiration at some point for my own photoshoots.


My favourite is the Eve-style green, above. Everything just works together so well! I appreciate the effort that has gone into the styling as well, laden with symbolic value and interest.

Check out UKHairDresser

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunshine State on a Friday Night

In a sudden spate of 'need-to-go-out-and-socialise' madness, my bf and I headed to the pub last night to meet some friends we haven't seen in a while due to low funds.

It was -1 degrees C, we were walking and I thus felt that layers were the way forward and wore a printed tee over a plain black body with a beaded necklace and skinny jeans.

However, if it had been a smidgen warmer and if I had happened to have the following just waiting for me in the wardrobe...well. No contest.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Feeling To Rise Again

It has been a rubbish couple of days. Nothing appears to be going right.

Yet, out of the depression came a very cold, and uplifting walk along the clifftops which spawned ideas and hopes and dreams.

This mood has also set a ball rolling within my head - I am now clearer about my goals and ambitions and a random sidetrack of that is that it has made me confident to push the boundaries a bit.

This track's lyrics hit a chord with me and the desire to be unique and take the initiative when outside forces are getting me down.

I also love the crazy make-up in the video - the midnight glitter is fantastic and the diamante lips and eyes are amazingly eyecatching...impractical, but so worth it!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Working to Play

I've been blathering vaguely for a while now about my intention to get my photoshoots off the ground and rolling again...well, shoot number one was yesterday! Whoop whoop! It came together pretty well in the end, although coordinating everything was tricky.

The fashion story revolves around a playful, glamourous approach to workwear.

Trying to find appropriate sets in the house was hard! Loads of white walls, but pipes, or furniture or something always in the way! I need to invest in some proper lighting and make some light reflectors...a remote control on my camera would also be inordinately helpful!

New Look T-shirt, River Island Shorts, New Look Heels, Handmedown Scarf

Coppercraft Jewellery, New Look bodysuit, Primark trousers, New Look heels

Thrifted men's shirt, Primark belt, Primark corsages, Handmedown skirt, New Look heels

Monday, 1 March 2010

Three Letter Abbreviations

I found a bootsale nearby last Sunday and despite the howling winds, freezing rain and grey skies, it was not cancelled. (Bizarre). Anyways, I attended and not five minutes in but I found myself scrambling around on the floor, rifling through a huge pile of clothes.

I found, amoung other things, a YSL shirt and Wrangler jeans - perfectly worn in and just waiting for a bit of TLC. Back home, I awaited my fingers to regain feeling and then ordered a bag of square pyramid studs from a haberdashery.

When they arrived on Tuesday, I set to designing my new denimware. I cut the jeans, making a mini skirt and sewed up the seams to keep it streamlined instead of following the line of the trousers. Then, I started studding. An hour or two and possible RSI later, I had a brand new skirt. I distressed the edge and pulled out threads and now I have a lovely rock 'n' roll funky mini.





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