Monday, 12 July 2010


My day in the life of clothes:

So, I get up in the morning and throw on something smart, usually dark due to the dress code being 'super-smart and appropriate for public viewing' as I work in an office and deal with members of public (lucky me!)

I zoom home, tout suite, at lunchtime and change into black linen shorts and my scarlet staff t-shirt and trainers, my uniform for the sports coaching and kids crafts I work at in the afternoon.

By the time I get home, its about 6.30, time for dinner and I am hungry! I don't care what I am wearing so long as I can eat! I usually throw on pjs or something comfy just to slob about in.

Occasionally, I then change again and run straight out to go to a cafe and loll about drinking milkshakes in the sun or else try and get to the shops for a rummage or to meet someone.

Thus, there are a lot of clothes involved in my day, but not ones I would necessarily ever choose to wear!

Its got me thinking about uniforms and how they work. They prevent a united front, a force of equality. They also drown out any sign of actual personality or interest. They look business-like and efficient, but they can also be oppressing. They are generally practical...but who wants to have to be practical every single day?

So here is my 'throwing out the rulebook' outfit.

So yeah. Thats what I'm wearing to work tomorrow, in my head.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

LOVE it! yeah, I'm a total clotheshorse who loves to doll up but I work as a cook, so no dressy dressy during my workhours either. Also, my boss won't let us wear DRESSES. you know i love dresses, so my chubby little self has to spill into a pair of too-tight-in-the-waist jeans or shorts. I like the outfit in your head. I hope someday you'll get to wear that when you wake up. xo. -Q


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