Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Bit of a Mad Rush on Topshop

Ok. I saw this Ashish for Topshop jumper and immediately thought - 'Wow! Impractical as, but wow!'

So then I was thinking what I would wear it with. The fact that it would have to wait until it was warmer notwithstanding (unless they start making jackets with spike holes in the shoulders, which seems unlikely), I ended up trawling the Topshop site in a bid to create two different outfits using the same jumper and only Topshop products. Not hard, but fun :)

In the end, I have a sexy, lady-like look and grunge girlie look.

The jumper, worn tucked into the body con skirt, with its demure ruffle stripe and topped with the waist cinching studded belt to hide the 'join' would show off the waist nicely, the sky high grey platforms are just necessary to echo the spikes on the shoulder and the pencil-like fit of the skirt.

I think the studded gloves and fabric-strung pearls are just enough 'lady-like' to tie in but also whimsical enough to make the whole thing interesting. Lots of textures and shades of the same colour - grown up rock chick glamour!

As for the grungy girl look, obviously battered workmans boots are going to make an appearance somewhere (hopefully the feet) and the floral shorts are floaty enough to denote 'girlie' (along with the print) but still allow you to sit however you like and climb trees without flashing. Always a good thing in an outfit!

I have a weakness for veiled headpieces and the bow, combined with the heart-print tights, just add a cute-cool edge to the outfit. I'd wear the watch loose over the wrist with the sleeves of the jumper tucked up and over my elbows.

All I need now is some wild-child punk inspired hair and a crazy coloured lip and there are two awesome outfits!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

you do have a great way of putting things together. loving the floral skirt paired with the net socks and combat boots. yeah! i'm now following you on Bloglovin' and would be honored if you'd follow my blog there or on Blogger. Cheers!

-Bella Q

Eye said...

Hey, I found you on IBF.
Great blog! I would love to follow you, but I can´t find the link :(


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