Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Sketch here, a Splash of Paint There

I am toying with the idea od building my own portfolio website for my photography. I have been looking around for some inspiration as to layouts and so on, and I stumbled upon this graphic designer, Rik Oostenbroek

I love this image:


Anyways, I was looking at it and thinking about the classical easy-to-wear outfit of a white t-shirt and jeans and how everyone, but everyone, wears that same combonation completey differently. It never looks the same on anyone. Another model and that image above would be completely different. 

So today, I am going to put together three alternate t-shirt and jeans looks. Its going to take some imagination to get the look right, as I can't actually don these outfits myself unless I become a hardened criminal mastermind...

The first has a sort of pretty grunge thing going on:

The Miss Selfridge One Shoulder Tee paired with the very funky Diesel Ripped Skinnies is almost (but not quite) an Uptown girl morphology into Downtown girl. Bizarre. However, paired with the pretty Miss Selfridge Bird Print Scarf in very seasonable nudes to keep the chill off your left shoulder, it works with the Miss Selfridge Black Lace-up Boot to create a good 'stomping about town' look that works for dealing with boring chores at the post office to meeting friends for a drink in the evening at the pub. The ASOS Metal Geometric Earrings make it a bit more glamourous, so that even if it is so cold you have to cover the whole lot with a massive woolen coat, there is something there that sparkles.

The second look is kind of preppy, with a bit of a 70s thing going on:

I'd wear the ASOS Puff Sleeve Tee tucked into the ASOS Kickflare Jeans and then cinch in the waist area with the ever-so-groovy Miss Selfridge Floral Corset Belt to create a sexy silhouette. The Miss Selfridge Tan Satchel would hold everything one needs for a day trip, as well as leaving hands free for phones/touching fabric/eating delicious bakery goods...yum. The Mango Peep Toe Espadrilles round off the 70s/flared look of the jeans and also prove more comfy than mega-heels for a day on your feet.

The third, and final look, is going to be called 'comfy eclectism'. Just because:

The fairtrade cotton, deliciously snuggly-looking Mango Zip Back Tee and the cosy Miss Selfridge Cuffed Jeans  would work together to create a subtly confident look. The Dorothy Perkins Teal Heels would keep posture good and put a spring in your step that comes from looking fabulous while wearing stuff that could essentially pass as pajamas. Lastly, the Dorothy Perkins Clock Necklace and ASOS Bowler Hat add a bit of edgy style that keep it all looking pulled together and good, instead of 'tumbled out of bed and dressed'.

I looove the last look so much, I want it now. Desperately.

Which of the three looks do you like best?
Look 1: Grungy Pretty
Look 2: Preppy 70s
Look 3: Comfy Eclectic free polls


the Citizen Rosebud said...

They all look good, but the last one with the subtle details is my favorite. Those gem green shoes are lovable, and I like those jeans with the cinched in cuffs.

Clare said...

The top image is pretty much amazing...




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