Monday, 1 February 2010

Jumping the Gun to Vday Casual

For those not entirely obsessed by the pink and red season, I suggest a more off-beat and less obvious V-Day attire. For day anyways, why not go all out frock fabulous for nighttime?

I doubt my boy or I will have money by V-day for any sort of celebration, and I always feel it would hypocritical of me to go out and do something on the day in question as I am one of those miserable, 'Its all for Hallmark' people. Not to mention it comes after a succession of no less than six birthdays in the two weeks prior, including those of myself and my boy. So the urge to go out and party is replaced by then by the urge to sit in with a duvet and a DVD.

Still! This is what I would wear during the day, or to a more relaxed evening date.


Everything is from Miss Selfridge.

This top caught my eye for its classy cream and gold look and its vintage feel. I've been lusting after a pair of nude heels for, oh, about two weeks now and these defintely tick all the boxes.  

The matt, leather-look leggings streamline everything and keep it edgy instead of moving into frump territory by covering up with jeans or, worse, venturing into undressed mode with a mini. Shorts could be fun with it in summer, for a festival or garden party, but I'm feeling the black at the moment.

The bow is just the icing on top - no jewellery should be made to compete with the beading on the top. All in all, a highly desirable outfit, methinks.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

are you on bloglovin"? would you want to swap "follows"?

Clare said...

These are cute, very dreamy.




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