Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Summer's Day

Today was gorgeously hot, searing blue skies and shimmering sunshine. I donned a nautically striped frilly dress I picked up in a random shop full of a mixture of random polyester trousers and pure silk or cotton dresses. I layered clinky turquoise wooden beads over the top and added some enamel, wood and gold bangles.

We went on a bit of an adventure in the afternoon, taking a walk onto the Commons. We found an immense cliff of rocks and a long grass meadow surrounded by trees - only five minutes from our doorstep!

I'm holding a giant bag of grapes there - we munched grapes, nectarines and olives during the day after buying out the Farmer's Market. I bought some lovely Pain de Campagne, almond criossants, brownies, strawberries...yum.

I've been painting up my new furniture this evening - when it is all done I'll try and remember to post some pictures up.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Citizen Extravaganza

Whoop whoop! The lovely Bella over at the Citizen Rosebud has just posted her Interview
with me - go see, and look around her fabulous blog for some lovely vintage finds...especially if you happen to be in California! It was great fun to do and some of her questions really started me thinking.

One in particular seems particularly appropriate for the current season. 'If you could be a flower, what type would you be?'

Let's get our floral on!

So, for the first look I am thinking smart-casual wedding wear/office wear. A slinky wrap dress with a standout monochrome pattern is spiced up with the hot pink detailing.

Then, up second (I am adoring this next one) is a pretty peter pan collared lace dress, made more edgy with a layered floral bralet, tan belt and some crazy-cool white boots. I heard somewhere that you shouldn't wear white shoes after Labour Day? But, as I have no idea what Labour Day is, or when it is and nor can I remember who aired this particular pundit, I shall ignore it and pair the dress with white shoes regardless.

Friday, 18 June 2010

4 Different Sides

So, I got to thinking about how every person has more than one side to them - more than one facet to their diamond, shall we say.

One of the best ways to show off these numerous different personalities is through clothes. Actors use different clothes to create alternate characters. To a lesser degree, so do non-thespians.

I was browsing (as you do) the new season Louboutins and I decided that of the four shoes I liked best, they were all so different in style that it must be my seperate style divas emerging. So here they are;

My Rock loving side adores these insanely high, glittery, spikey, studded stillettoes and wants to wear them with a luxuriously soft white vest, skintight back leggings, lots of dangling pendants and a brightly coloured trilby to a gig.

My Dramatic, statement-making side has no words to describe just how madly she loves this shoe. It has ruffles, mesh, sparkles, a platform, a killer heel and yet just promises to sex up any outfit. I'd choose a show stopping body-con dress, simple and stunning. A lace motif necklace would complete the outfit.

These just appeal to the glamourous side. They are crying out for some edgy cropped harems, a nonchalently low slung belt and a slinky silk jersey t-shirt, finished off with some serious statement jewels and a slick of red lipstick.

Lastly, this is for the girlie girl within. Usually, she hides pretty well, but these are definately her shoes. To be worn with a shimmery petticoated prom dress, lace gloves and a delicate feathered hairband in matching ice-cream shades.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Dreaming in Pink

Saw this:

Fell in love. 

With the colour, the pose, the grace, the vibrancy...I could go on.

Tried to recreate with this:
Worn tied in at the waist with the belt, so all that gorgeous fabric billows out and swirls around the person inside the clothes. Rosy pink lips and blush, huge eyes courtesy of the fluttery mascara and jingly-jangly golden bangles to bring warmth and reflect sparkles over everything.

Monday, 7 June 2010


My Nana was born in 1920, so she was a teenager through the 30s. She has some lovely photos of tailored suiting and definitive notions on gloves, hats and the wearing of diamonds before 6pm.

The era was one of sophistication and reigning back after the luxury and hoydenish behaviour of the 20s. Etiquette and style were the name of the game.

Katherine Hepburn was a great style icon for the 30s and on into the 40s. She was the first women to wear trousers in America and her fierce independence defined a fashion movement that was about how your clothes can express your personality and broadcast how you think and feel. 
So, I have reinvented the Thirties style staples in order to bring them into the here and now. I am loving the men's waistcoat with the floral teadress and heels - add nude seamed stockings and a battered men's briefcase or satchel for an outfit that just works perfectly for stomping around town and people-watching in a coffee shop.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Letter Excitement

Now that I have been a graduate for almost a full year, and being as how I went off travelling and then returned, only to move far away from everyone I know and love, its been a bit quiet on the social front recently. Now that I have internet again, I can resume contact with many of my friends. However, one thing I shall definately be keeping from the realm of No Net is the sincere and wonderful joy of letter writing.

In my absence from the virtual world, I timetravelled back to reality with a jolt and started penning letters to keep in contact with my nearest and dearest. This activity turned out to be highly enjoyable. It is almost therapeutic to take time out to sit down, gather your thoughts into one coherant missive and send it on its slow, slow way through the world. No more instant chat, but well-thought out ramblings instead were sent.

Then, the replies started to come through. The excitement of finding a handwritten envelope in the postbox outside my house is brilliant. Someone else has taken the time and care to write back, to respond despite the absence of the clicking mouse.

Oh, we have had fun! Stationery is one of my more oddball loves, but put me in Paperchase and I am one happy bunny. I have been writing on cream coloured parchment recently, with a coloured ink fountain pen. My community of fellow letter-writers and I decided we should get seals to further emulate Regency-period women...and look what I found in the letterbox yesterday...

So awesome! I have been searching the web for my own seal and am now just trying to narrow down what font I want to be using. Oh, the choice! Don't even get me started on different coloured sealing wax...

Look at this pretty envelope necklace from Topshop - carries with it the sentiment and fun of a actual letter-writting.

So I was thinking how else I could incorporate this into my daily wear and came up with the classic - an envelope clutch. Pretty much perfect for carrying the bare essentials to garden parties, BBQs, weddings, bars - everywhere. Even to the postbox, which is where I'm off to right now.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dramatic Monochromatic

I was feeling ready for a red-carpet event yesterday, despite having to have sat in the rain for 4 hours for my afternoon job as a sports activity worker. However, being as how there are not too many red-carpet events around here in the middle of the week (or the weekend for that matter) I am unlikely to get to swish about in an evening gown.

Here is my monochrome outfit of choice for a summer evening gadding about town, wining and dining...

Today has been gorgeously sunny and warm all day, so when I got back from work, monsieur and myself took a stroll down the hill to the park and got settled on the grass in the evening sunshine with some gigantic rustica pizzas from Zizzi's.

I had on some new black harem pants, leather gladiators, a blue bandeau top and a grey waistcoat with studs all through it. It was a nicely relaxed outfit and harems are mega comfy - so good for summer, like wearing pjs all day!


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