Sunday, 11 April 2010

How to Get a Job: 101

So in tried and tested fashion, when you want something to happen, it stubbornly will not occur until you do something that concievably makes it difficult.

I'm not sure if that made sense. I'll go with a better analogy - the watched phone never rings? Wait for a bus and then three turn up together?

So, having dyed my hair a particularly umemployable shade of red...I both scored and aced a phone interview and find myself in the happy position of being employed. Starting Monday. In a position where I have to be presentable. Doh.

Thus, my cunning plan to secure a job worked flawlessly. If only I had realised just how well it would work, I might not have used permenant dye. Then again, I might have - I did want the intense colour...

A mere two weeks after having dyed it, I have now experiemented with 'colour B4' which promised to completely remove the red and take me back to my natural blonde. Impressively, it did indeed manage such a feat, and I am now me again.

As my job is miles away from where I have been living, this last weekend has turned into a mad rush to get my gardening contract finished as far as possible and sort a place to live - so as of this evening I shall be esconced in a hotel, sans the internet...for a week, unless I can locate somewhere later. Next week shall see me attempting to learn my new job requirements and flat hunting.


Friday, 9 April 2010

The Little Mermaid

When I was little, my fascination was Disney's The Little Mermaid. Well, I say it was when I was little...I'm still pretty much entranced by it now!

So it was probably a long-standing whim that saw me colour my hair blindingly, Ariel-red just before Easter. Proper tomato red.

When my parents saw it, they laughed. My mother called it 'intriguing' - read 'what have you done to your hair?'

Nevertheless, I love it! My fringe even pouffs out after its been blow-dried to give me an Ariel quiff as well.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Summertime Dreaming

Ah. The weather over the weekend was nothing but grey, mist, drizzle...even hail! How grim. I comfort myself with thinking that the forecast is for a really great summer due to the sheer amount of snow that was around during the winter.

My Summer dream? Right now, it contains these rather lovely items below:

The soft peach of the dress, the texture of the fabric, the fifties style cut and modern zip update. Paired with that tan belt, easily raided from a father's wardrobe and the natty hat for sun protection and style in one, the whole outfit is seriously floating my boat.

Bring on Summer. Bring on sandals.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Egg

Easter is traditionally a Christian observance, but the time of year originally referred to a Pagan festival that welcomed Spring using symbols of fertility, like eggs.

With the idea of festivity in mind, as well as the need to deviate from the popular palette of Springtime pastels, I put together this outfit to look forward to the warmer days ahead as well as playing with the frills, as a nod to the frivolity and femininity of this time of year.

I love that the print on the skirt is not floral, as one would expect in a Spring-time outfit. I picked out the pinky-corals in the leopard print in the ruffled top, which I'd wear tucked in at the waist.

Those sharp, graphic black earrings keep the frills from becoming too girlie and the gold coral-shaped necklace tones nicely with the top, as well as adding a twist that its shape and the top's colour synchronise.

I'd wear some black and gold pop socks along with the nude heels, unless of course its raining, in which case I'd ditch the suede peep toes for something a little more suitable, like some black patent ankle boots with a cone heel.

Happy Easter/ Spring Festival everybody! I'm going to be away for a few days as I travel about meeting and greeting with relatives and friends, so have a great time and I'll be back next week!


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