Monday, 7 June 2010


My Nana was born in 1920, so she was a teenager through the 30s. She has some lovely photos of tailored suiting and definitive notions on gloves, hats and the wearing of diamonds before 6pm.

The era was one of sophistication and reigning back after the luxury and hoydenish behaviour of the 20s. Etiquette and style were the name of the game.

Katherine Hepburn was a great style icon for the 30s and on into the 40s. She was the first women to wear trousers in America and her fierce independence defined a fashion movement that was about how your clothes can express your personality and broadcast how you think and feel. 
So, I have reinvented the Thirties style staples in order to bring them into the here and now. I am loving the men's waistcoat with the floral teadress and heels - add nude seamed stockings and a battered men's briefcase or satchel for an outfit that just works perfectly for stomping around town and people-watching in a coffee shop.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

Hands down the '30's are my favorite ers. Perhaps if I wrote it in all caps you could see how much I love the designs of the '30's. HANDS DOWN THE THIRTIES ARE MY FAVORITE ERA. yeah, that felt good to yell it. The men's and woman's clothing of the era was designed FOR the body, and so many of the cuts are so effortlessly flattering. And, I haven't met a bias-cut I didn't like. Nice post,


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