Friday, 4 September 2009

To fringe or not to fringe...

My hair resembles nothing so much as blonde candyfloss. Despite being lavished with no less than three different deep conditioners, no hairdryers, no heat styling, the regular quotient of drinking water and healthy eating habits, it is just not cooperating.

Hence, the decision I now have to make. How short, and should I get a fringe cut in? This may take me back to my oh-so-fashionable primary school days. Not a look I necessarily wish to revisit.

My hair was all of three inches from my navel when I couldn't take the knots anymore, caved and had about 10 inches lopped off. Now, I am thinking either collarbone, or on-the-shoulder length. The pics above are going to be waved about in front of the hairdresser in the hopes of inspiring her to achieve something vaguely similar...

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