Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The fantastically bagainous bag from Spitalfields

Petticoats hang from the ceiling of beyond retro

I have been travelling about the last five days to see my friends before I go to NZ and have a catch-up and say 'see you laters'. (No goodbyes, too sad).

Anyway, on Thursday, I was in East London and explored Spitalfields Antiques Market, which has instantly made me want to set up home so as to get decorating already! It was a lovely market, with so much random stuff availible!

The amazing green leather bag (above) is proper tough leather, silvered hardware and with a lockable shoe compartment underneath! It was so perfect for my friend Lou, that I persuaded her to ask its price...I was thinking it would be worth getting at £100 or so but the stall owner offered it to us for £20! Bargain!

Also popped into Beyond Retro, which I loved. I am lusting after an inky blue jersey jumpsuit, to be worn with electric blue platforms and my new shorter hair. Or, I'd quite happily have one of the big, boufy multicoloured petticoats that hang from the ceiling!

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