Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stolen Girlfriends Club

I have a serious thing for jewellery, as a little bit on the on the wait - its a full blown affair!

I have designs on collecting the stuff and make a note of a designer that catches my fancy so as to purchase whenever I am in high funds. Right now, I have just discovered Stolen Girlfriends Club and I am in love with the stuff.

I want that Double Bow Ring so badly. The shine, the curves, the aesthetic...I adore it. The Stolen and ROse pendant is gorgeous too, I could quite happily accept it for Christmas...

Alas, it is not to be. No monies at all this year, my bf and I are going to hit up the two-dollar store to get some naff  little playthings for Christmas morning. Then we are going to do the Boxing Day sales and hopefully can get some essentials for Oz at bargain prices! I need a new bikini after the last one got destroyed in the hot pools in Miranda. Ah, its a hard life.

But one day. One day I shall own that ring.

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