Thursday, 4 March 2010

Working to Play

I've been blathering vaguely for a while now about my intention to get my photoshoots off the ground and rolling again...well, shoot number one was yesterday! Whoop whoop! It came together pretty well in the end, although coordinating everything was tricky.

The fashion story revolves around a playful, glamourous approach to workwear.

Trying to find appropriate sets in the house was hard! Loads of white walls, but pipes, or furniture or something always in the way! I need to invest in some proper lighting and make some light reflectors...a remote control on my camera would also be inordinately helpful!

New Look T-shirt, River Island Shorts, New Look Heels, Handmedown Scarf

Coppercraft Jewellery, New Look bodysuit, Primark trousers, New Look heels

Thrifted men's shirt, Primark belt, Primark corsages, Handmedown skirt, New Look heels


the Citizen Rosebud said...

You look great! Did you take these yourself? The scarf in the first pic is rad! Love that shot of color on you. And I love the pink row of roses with your black and white outfit above.

As for light diffusers, somebody recommended a cheap version: those car window protectors you sit on your dashboard.

Kelly said...

Those corsages are so dramatically awesome.

Gracie said...

Love the trousers in the second photo!

Emily said...

Thanks Citizen! I set up the shots and usually, I would use the 10-second timer, but fortuitously, my bf was home and agreed to press the button for me.
Excellent itp - I'll look into it. I'm also constructing some cardboard and foil reflectors and tissue paper colourants! Lol.

Thanks Kelly and Gracie for the compliments :)

Clare said...

Love the trousers in the second image and the corsages! Pretty :)

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!




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