Sunday, 21 March 2010

Awards Season All Round

Wow! Guess what? The lovely The Citizen Rosebud has awarded me the Happy 101 Award, which is my first award as well as being the grooviest (how can anything featuring cupcakes not equal amazing?) Talking of cupcakes actually, I was browsing Matalan the other day and I was happily clacking hangers when my bf pointed out a cupcake print prom dress for the cute!

Anyways, before I get completely off-topic and distracted by the joys of summer dresses, the Happy 101 Award demands that I make a list of ten things that make me here goes:

1. My boyfriend. We both just graduated last year and have since travelled New Zealand and Oz together. He always does lovely things for me and we spend an unfeasible amount of time in each other's company.

2. Cats. The cat in the house I am currently living in has adopted me. She follows me everywhere and meows at me or sits on my constantly. I have spent this morning with her alternately howling, purring and nipping my elbow while trying to stand on my laptop or shoulder for no discernable reason whatsoever.

3. Flowers and gardening. I am currently working on relandscaping a garden and discovered a whole crop of baby bulbs ready for planting out in an abandoned flowerbed under some weeds. Also, Tesco are selling bunches of Daffodils for 50 pence, so my house is currently full of bright yellow flowers to cheer up the dismal early Spring weather.

4. Fabric. I am a tactile person and I love touching fabrics, feeling them. Even if I love the cut or colour of something, I will not buy it unless I adore the fabric. It has to be soft, comfy, warm, beautiful. I can spend hours in a fabric shop before I decide what to buy.

5. The Aztecs. My degree was in Classics and Archaeology and I always had a bizarre fascination with the Aztecs. A jungle culture, with Ages of Man mythology, geometrical architecture and fearsome gods? Not to mention, they discovered chocolate in the first place...

6. Duvets. My mum calls me 'a chilly mortal' because I am always cold. Even in January, when I was in Melbourne in 34 degree heat, my hands were still a tad on the cool side. Thus, I love duvets for their warming power. I keep one by the sofa so I can cosy up when watching films at night.

7. I love chillies. In hot sauce, in chocolate, printed on things, made out of glass and strung onto a, shiny and hot. Yum.

8. Baking! I adore that process of mixing up random ingredients, putting it in the oven and having the aroma waft through the house, then icing the cooled down cakes with pretty buttercream and decorations. I'm pretty into eating them as well of course!

9. Music. There is always music playing and I listen to a whole range of genres. Pretty much anything, to be honest, except maybe opera. I go through phases. I love how music shapes or expresses a mood, an atmosphere.

10. Travelling. I have a whole list of destinations and the moment I have cash again, I'm off! I enjoy new experiences and new places. Next up is Japan, Canada, Indonesia or Italy. How to choose?

Thank-you again Citizen! Go check out her lovely blog full of inspiring people and lovely vintage things, at The Citizen Rosebud

I also need to pass this award along, so I am going to choose some of my favourite bloggers to list their ten happiest things:

Gracie at the The Flip Side of Oz
Sarah K at Fashionized


the Citizen Rosebud said...

i love your list, Emily! it makes sense that you love fabrics, you do seem very tactile when you describe your ideal outfits. i too, love to garden and love plants; here's to happy blooms for you!

Gracie said...

I love your list and I love that you passed it on to me! {small tear} :)

I will happily post my 10 happiest things later in the week... after I take an exam on Thursday. In fact, being done with that exam might make the list... :)



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