Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Couturious Experiment

I played about a bit with shiny new thing Couturious today. It is a bit clunky, but it is still in Beta mode. I couldn't work out how to embed my finished City Safari outfit into my blog so you could see it...instead it has given me a link.

radientcolour profile - Couturious

The outfit is ideal, in my mind, for one of those late summer nights when the heat hasn't left the air yet and you can sit outside at a pavement bistro and eat, and talk and watch the world go by. This is possibly one of my favourite scenarios, and while I would usually wear a dress for such an occasion, the idea of shorts appealed to me.

More practical and tailored, they look sleek and streamlined without causing you to get to hot. Also, they are unlikely to blow up around your waist when you walk inside and get in the way of a swirl of air conditioning.

The rest of the outfit kind of just came together around the shorts. A billowy soft top with a classicaly safari-esque print, some beautiful chunky heels and a cosy wrap in case it suddenly gets cold after you have filled yourself with ice cream.

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