Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Getting Trendy with It

I'm not a big one for following trends. I mean, sure, I see stuff in the shops that I like, I buy it (when there is money) and then I wear it, but it is not a slavish following of fashion.

I continually adapt and change my own style, trying to make a niche for myself...but is it really necessary?

You see people in the street who look so pulled together, you assume that they have cracked the code, they have their go-to style and it works. However, you might just be catching them on a particularly good day. Maybe they pulled the one thing out of their wardrobe that they really loved and styled it up and it just worked for them.

Of course, what works for one person doesn't work for another, so the idea of seasonal trends should be regarded, to my mind anyway, as a dipping pot. You find a few things you like, a few you don't. You incorporate new things into your old favourites. You evolve your style.

Here is a hasty collage of New Season Trends, just thrown together. Some of them I like, some not so much. Some, I'd like to take elements of and then change the colour or the garment shape for me. Others, well...I just plain would not purchase them.

However, its interesting to see regardless, what is out there and ready for playing with.


Gracie said...

I agree. I think trends are there for the taking, but everyone has a certain personal style and so some trends work better for some than others. My advice would be to figure out your personal style and then fit in trends where appropriate. I know I'm definitely still working on my own ;)


JVE90 said...

I agree with you when you say that some trends work for some people and not another.I like some of the trends that are out there atm but liking them doesn't mean they suit me or the ones I'm not so keen on may actually not to bad on me. I go for comfort over fashion any day as long as i'm happy it shouldn't matter what other people think.
p.s. really loving your blog

Emily said...

Thanks Joanna!

I agree Gracie - it's all about finding your own thing.

I always end up comfy over high end fashion - love freedom of comfort over fashionable pain any day!


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