Monday, 1 March 2010

Three Letter Abbreviations

I found a bootsale nearby last Sunday and despite the howling winds, freezing rain and grey skies, it was not cancelled. (Bizarre). Anyways, I attended and not five minutes in but I found myself scrambling around on the floor, rifling through a huge pile of clothes.

I found, amoung other things, a YSL shirt and Wrangler jeans - perfectly worn in and just waiting for a bit of TLC. Back home, I awaited my fingers to regain feeling and then ordered a bag of square pyramid studs from a haberdashery.

When they arrived on Tuesday, I set to designing my new denimware. I cut the jeans, making a mini skirt and sewed up the seams to keep it streamlined instead of following the line of the trousers. Then, I started studding. An hour or two and possible RSI later, I had a brand new skirt. I distressed the edge and pulled out threads and now I have a lovely rock 'n' roll funky mini.





the Citizen Rosebud said...

Awesome project. The worn-in patina of the denim is fantastic. The studs look good, and the length? OH MY! Reminds me of the saying: "Give the girl an inch...and she'll wear it as a skirt." LOL. xo. Wanna see the post with you wearing it!

Emily said...

Lol, its not that short! I'll get an action shot up soon as :P

Diya said...

very cute DIY mini! I looooove studs.

PS. I would love it if you visited my blog:

Emily said...

Thanks, and sure thing I'll visit :)


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