Monday, 24 January 2011

Spring Time Soon

All the new trends are out and about and ready to be played with - I am particularly excited about digging out some Summer favourites that have been hibernating in a box over Winter. Not that I can admit to any specially warm weather to encourage these feelings...but my sparkly new jewellery suggests summer evenings to me, so I started out by designing an outfit around a purple and silver pendant necklace.

I love the glimmery quality of the maxi skirt, not to mention the simplicity of the white tee - everyone needs a white tee in their wardrobes, to act as base layer, statement or foundation for a stronger look. The beautiful blue boots add an edge and the shimmer of the necklace picks out the gleam in the skirt and the colour of the boots peeping out from underneath the hemline. I included a manicure idea of subverting the traditional French Manicure with brighter pink moons, to pink out the Spring-fresh colours and keep the look light instead of drifting into grey territory.
How do you like it?

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