Friday, 18 June 2010

4 Different Sides

So, I got to thinking about how every person has more than one side to them - more than one facet to their diamond, shall we say.

One of the best ways to show off these numerous different personalities is through clothes. Actors use different clothes to create alternate characters. To a lesser degree, so do non-thespians.

I was browsing (as you do) the new season Louboutins and I decided that of the four shoes I liked best, they were all so different in style that it must be my seperate style divas emerging. So here they are;

My Rock loving side adores these insanely high, glittery, spikey, studded stillettoes and wants to wear them with a luxuriously soft white vest, skintight back leggings, lots of dangling pendants and a brightly coloured trilby to a gig.

My Dramatic, statement-making side has no words to describe just how madly she loves this shoe. It has ruffles, mesh, sparkles, a platform, a killer heel and yet just promises to sex up any outfit. I'd choose a show stopping body-con dress, simple and stunning. A lace motif necklace would complete the outfit.

These just appeal to the glamourous side. They are crying out for some edgy cropped harems, a nonchalently low slung belt and a slinky silk jersey t-shirt, finished off with some serious statement jewels and a slick of red lipstick.

Lastly, this is for the girlie girl within. Usually, she hides pretty well, but these are definately her shoes. To be worn with a shimmery petticoated prom dress, lace gloves and a delicate feathered hairband in matching ice-cream shades.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

you have good taste. and i dare say expensive taste.


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