Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Summer's Day

Today was gorgeously hot, searing blue skies and shimmering sunshine. I donned a nautically striped frilly dress I picked up in a random shop full of a mixture of random polyester trousers and pure silk or cotton dresses. I layered clinky turquoise wooden beads over the top and added some enamel, wood and gold bangles.

We went on a bit of an adventure in the afternoon, taking a walk onto the Commons. We found an immense cliff of rocks and a long grass meadow surrounded by trees - only five minutes from our doorstep!

I'm holding a giant bag of grapes there - we munched grapes, nectarines and olives during the day after buying out the Farmer's Market. I bought some lovely Pain de Campagne, almond criossants, brownies, strawberries...yum.

I've been painting up my new furniture this evening - when it is all done I'll try and remember to post some pictures up.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are such a cutie-patoootie! I love the summer dress with the capri pants and your coils of necklace. Yay for farmer's markets too! Strawberries and grapes? Nom, nom, nom....


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