Sunday, 6 June 2010

Letter Excitement

Now that I have been a graduate for almost a full year, and being as how I went off travelling and then returned, only to move far away from everyone I know and love, its been a bit quiet on the social front recently. Now that I have internet again, I can resume contact with many of my friends. However, one thing I shall definately be keeping from the realm of No Net is the sincere and wonderful joy of letter writing.

In my absence from the virtual world, I timetravelled back to reality with a jolt and started penning letters to keep in contact with my nearest and dearest. This activity turned out to be highly enjoyable. It is almost therapeutic to take time out to sit down, gather your thoughts into one coherant missive and send it on its slow, slow way through the world. No more instant chat, but well-thought out ramblings instead were sent.

Then, the replies started to come through. The excitement of finding a handwritten envelope in the postbox outside my house is brilliant. Someone else has taken the time and care to write back, to respond despite the absence of the clicking mouse.

Oh, we have had fun! Stationery is one of my more oddball loves, but put me in Paperchase and I am one happy bunny. I have been writing on cream coloured parchment recently, with a coloured ink fountain pen. My community of fellow letter-writers and I decided we should get seals to further emulate Regency-period women...and look what I found in the letterbox yesterday...

So awesome! I have been searching the web for my own seal and am now just trying to narrow down what font I want to be using. Oh, the choice! Don't even get me started on different coloured sealing wax...

Look at this pretty envelope necklace from Topshop - carries with it the sentiment and fun of a actual letter-writting.

So I was thinking how else I could incorporate this into my daily wear and came up with the classic - an envelope clutch. Pretty much perfect for carrying the bare essentials to garden parties, BBQs, weddings, bars - everywhere. Even to the postbox, which is where I'm off to right now.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I have a friend who travels for a living and loves to send his pals handwritten letters. It's cool. And sad. I used to write fantastic letters full of whimsy, drawings and art-forms. Now, alas, I love the internet and the ease of emails. The world is a less cluttered place for it (paper for landfills) but also less romantic.

Love the necklace.

JVE90 said...

I agree that writing letters can be fun I recently heard from a friend I'd not seen in years and are now writing to each other.

Emily said...

JVE90 - Thats awesome, it so great to pick up a friendship again and find out what the other person has been doing and what they are into now.

Citizen - I worry I will forget how to actually write unless I put pen to paper occaasionally...too glued to the laptop!


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