Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Sequin Love Affair

At the moment, I'm going through a vaguely traumatic time...a slight crisis of confidence, a questionable choice of whether to continue my job or start my own, many other little things. Anyway, I have always loved Christmas and right now, in the run-up to this most glorious of feasting holidays I am taking extreme measures of solace from having already done my present shopping, wrapping, menu organising and travel preparatons. Yes, its early, but the joy of doing these things is working a charm as procrastination.
Part of the neccessary preparations I haven't done yet, I am trying to hold off! It involves packing for the different travels involved around Christmas-time as well as outfit planning for up coming outings. I am going to try something new this season - buying nothing, and instead concentrating on all the amazing things my wardrobe already holds. We'll see how long that reoslution lasts for, but in the meantime I admit to having been scouring the vintage and charity shops for a glimmering, sparkly dress - I heart sequins!

Its a bit of a magpie addiction, but I cannot stop and I practically drool at any sequin-covered thing that comes into my line of sight. This dress below, from Paprika, is one in particular that caught my eye and I spent a pleasurable few minutes this morning styling it up.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

Oh I didn't know you were posting again! Hello!
I am sorry to hear about your work crisis; it's a hard decision to make especially in these times. Fortune or unfortunately for me the decision was made for me. (and there's an intense amount of stress around it but thinking for the best)

I am all for BUY nothing NEW. still do the occasional swaps and charity shops. Freshen up the wardrobe first however with a plethora of diy projects, like sequining something you own! xo.


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