Saturday, 11 December 2010

Purple Wave

I'm off out in a minute for a completely bizarre half-organised, half-off-the-bat last minute night it stands, I have no idea what we'll be doing, so have dressed in jeans (black, straight) and am umming and arring over heels or flats. To up the ante and sate my need for sparkle, I have insanely glittery eyeliner, a jewelled headband and a lovely drapey sparkly silver mesh top on - jumpers come after!

I was however composing an outfit based on a silver pleated midi skirt. I wasn't keen on the midi trend when it picked up, but it surprisingly, is a trend that can work for any occasion, be it work, play or otherwise.

Purple by pamjalibri featuring platform shoes

I went with the metallic skirt (obviously, this is me we're talking about) but dressed it down for one of my favourite occupations...sitting in random coffee shops with a chai and people watching. You could easily remove the cardigan and add heels for a more glitzy night out look though, or indeed grab a clutch and some beautiful earrings. Or swathe the cardigan in a wraparound stylee and add a brooch and some chunky wedges. Many different ideas! I should really get going! Have a good weekend everyone!

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