Thursday, 7 April 2011


March was mad.
I was up at either 5.30am, or at work till 10pm every day and work was not fun. Its not really the job I interviewed for and so I decided to leave. I handed in my resignation last week and to date, that is the most terrifying thing I have ever had to do! I just hate letting people down, but it had to be done. So here I am, jobhunting again!
However, March was not all bad. In between juggling my shifts I was designing, making and attempting to market my little jewellery endeavour, nimblefoxdesign. I have been obsessively sourcing exciting things and then stitching, gluing, sewing and photographing them in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will love them also. I am hoping to have a stall at one of the local Summer festivals and at a local regular craft fair so I have been building up stock like nobodies business. I am thinking of expanding into cushion covers, as I make my own anyways and have had many compliments on them. It is a possibility.

As well, I have been doing a course in Nutrition and Diet and am currently stymied over the Final, but once I get it done and dusted, wahey!
I'm hoping to become more involved in the blog again as my posts have been too erratic recently. We'll see how it goes. The sun is out again today and I'm in my favourite moroccan-print jumpsuit, positivity radiates.

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