Thursday, 5 August 2010

Love is All Around Us

No, not a cheesy 80s ballad, just a general feeling following my being given an award! 

Whoop whoop! Always a lovely thing to hear! Thanks so much to the witty and wonderful Bella Q!

I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. That could be my chai tea talking, but I think it is a happy combination. I spent today overseeing a giant event for National Playday, involving over 200 kids, their parents, and various expenisve pieces of, we had a massive thunderstorm in the middle! I got drenched! SO appreciating the warm fuzzies for sure right now!

There follows a four-step program for transferring this loovverly award;

1. Say Thank you :) Show the love.
2. Blog about your shiny new award.
3. Pass this award onto other bloggers you adore!
4. Don't forget to inform the chosen bloggers about their new aquisition!

I am passing the love onto a few blogs I enjoy, here we go:

Gracie at the Flip Side of Oz 
Violet at Girl Meets Fashion 
Sarah at Fashionized 


Gracie said...

Oh my girlie... I am so honored! Thanks for the great shout out!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Emily, I'm so glad I found you! If it weren't for our bloggery, we'd never have "met." Mad love at ya, girlie. xo. -Bella Q

Emily said...

Loving the word bloggery!


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